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ROBUSKEY® for Video OverviewROBUSKEY® for Video Overview

Host Applications ROBUSKEY for Video is plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS. The plug-in was created in response to requests from creative professionals for a tool that would make it easier to cut out a background and create more visually appealing composites. Matting is possible even if the video is shot under non-ideal conditions, such as weak lighting, wrinkles or shadows on the background, or too small of a background. Matting work and time are cut considerably. The plug-in can be used not only when editing the video but also when actually shooting it.

Now ROBUSKEY supports Adobe Creative Cloud and Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7. ->Download Trial

High-Precision Chroma Keying Optimized for Human Subjects

High-precision mattes can be created simply by selecting the main subject in the scene with one click. The software accurately identifies human skin and hair and even beautifully cuts out translucent materials like lace and glass.

Advanced processes like removing background variations or reflections on the subject's skin and adjusting edges are also possible. After Effects is easy to use and creates more natural-looking renderings with simple parameters.

Supports high-definition video over 4K. Available for professional use, such as movies and CM films.

After Effects Screen Shot
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Zakkuri-Mask Cuts Out Rough Range of Chroma Key

Zakkuri-Mask feature makes garbage-masks automatically. It works with After Effects.

Zakkuri Mask after chroma keying: The chroma key recognizes the unneeded portion and removes it from the alpha channel./Zakkuri-Mask before chroma keying: Automatically create a rough chroma key range by simply selecting the main subject.

GPU-accelerated plug-in

NVIDIA CUDA Technology

Chroma Keying is GPU-accelerated by NVIDIA CUDA Technology. It requires NVIDIA graphics cards support CUDA and works with After Effecs CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC and EDIUS 6/EDIUS Pro 6.5 on Windows.

Supported NVIDIA graphics cards for GPU acceleration