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ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin

The Fastest Way to Create Stereoscopic 3D Video!

ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin is a stereoscopic 3D video editing plugin software for After Effects.
ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin allows you to transform subtitles on text layer or particle animation into stereoscopic 3D video with simple operation.
The whole process, from editing to output, can be done in single composition. It frees you from complex and cumbersome stereoscopic 3D video editing.

Created by Yoshihiro Enatsu from marimoRECORDS
Using ISP Stereoscopic 3D, ROBUSKEY, Trapcode Particular.

Astonishingly Simple Operation

To create 3D video, simply add an adjustment layer into your composition using 2D video, apply ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin to the adjustment layer.

Screen Shot
ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin on After Effects

Supports Major 3D Output Formats

ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin supports various major output format: Side by Side、Top and Bottom、Line by Line, Anaglyph(†). Also, Left-Eye-only output, Right-Eye-only output and difference output are supported.

† Anaglyph supports Red/Green, Red/Blue, Red/Blue Colored and Red/Blue Balanced Colored.

Anaglyph Syde by Syde
Anaglyph(Red/Blue Colored) Side by Side

Automatically Places 2 Cameras in After Effects 3D Region

2 virtual cameras will automatically be placed in After Effects 3D region, so as to control parallax

Adjusts Subtle Gap Individually

Subtle gap within videos shot for 3D can be adjusted individually.

Adjusts gap between videos shot for 3D

No More Additional Composition

Only one composition is enough to edit video. You don't have to create another composition for each output, such as left-right source video or output format.