Security Policy

Research Institute of Systems Planning, Inc. ("ISP"), as a company contributing to make the society of people's full potential by system development, understands that it is extremely important social responsibility to deal with information properly and considering security management. To fulfill this responsibility, we define the information security policy here, and endeavor to ensure the proper handling of information security management with this policy.

  • We evaluate all the information assets we handle through our business from the viewpoint of confidentiality, integrity and availability, keep information security risks clear, and take necessary administrative measures to protect them. In particular, we understand that confidentiality is the most important in term of our business.
  • We promote our business by complying with any laws related to information security, industry guidelines related to our business and contractual issues with customers.
  • We established the Information Security Committee, which manages the internal regulations and information security management system: it defines, reviews the system periodically, and strive to continuously improve activities.